Are You Overtaken?

Uncle SamEvery American that pays taxes is being OVERTAKEN at this moment, and it needs to stop for the simple reason that it is unsustainable.  We need a new approach because the nation is failing as a result of being OVERTAKEN. Anyone on either side of the aisle who thinks they can escape being “Overtaken” is sorely mistaken.  The tax law knows not whether you vote red or vote blue or vote green, nor does it care.

You are Overtaken IF:

  • You are tired of being demonized or criticized for being in a position to pay taxes.
  • You do not like being described as evil or greedy while being asked to pay more.
  • You dislike being asked to cover the “tab” of those who have not paid their fair share.

screwedOVERTAKEN is about taxpayers of all income levels, political persuasions, genders, races and ethnicities who are being forced to pay more and being given decidedly less.  All the while non-taxpayers, most of whom are not truly qualified as “in need” by any rational definition, continue to take more and more and are granted more and more without any real need. We recognize there are those who are truly needy in this world but we need to outline what should be reasonably addressed as a need: shelter, health, defense, safety, and education. The rest is superfluous and can be attained through hard work and proper personal resource management.  The Declaration of Independence says that we have the right to life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness. Equal opportunity does not guarantee equal outcome.

Most people don’t mind paying taxes because they understand that taxes are a necessary price we pay for a free society.  They don’t mind paying more if they make more and they understand that if they were able to work hard and make more money they will be called upon to pay more than those who didn’t make as much.  They also understand this: paying more does not mean that their vote means more on Election Day, the fire department doesn’t come 30 times faster to their homes and the roads in front of their home are not 30 times smoother.

It takes a special kind of rudeness and arrogance to insult those who are just trying to do their patriotic duty.  “Overtaken” is about the special kind of insensitivity and ignorance that comes from people and groups in our society who think it is okay to call people names while forcing them to pay more of their hard earned money, offering no thanks, offering no kind words, and offering absolutely no appreciation.  Instead they are offered the exact opposite.  They are insulted, slandered, vilified and demonized.

The old proverb is correct…give a “man” a fish and he will eat for a day.  Teach “him” how to fish and he will eat forever.”  Equality is not attained when you hand a person a check instead of job training or education.  It is not attained by providing an unemployment check instead of a job.  It doesn’t happen when a person is held down by so many restrictions that it is no longer possible for him to succeed without the “benevolence” of “the state.”  Government handouts become a drug, withdrawal from which can be fatal but usually not. There are those among us who need help and they should always get it.  The rest of us should receive help when and only when we are truly in need. Help should truly be a safety net rather than a hammock. 

No society in history that has made as their model the overtaking of the taxpayers has survived.  It is a failed model of a failed approach, one that our Founding Fathers knew was a path we should never take.  Our forefathers never intended the American Dream to be something our government just tells us we can get, while putting their boots on our necks to hold us down via another handout or “social program”. This is America, home of the American Dream that doesn’t have to die. It can be achieved with individual hard work. Let’s band together and retake it rather than being OVERTAKEN.